The guarantee of the anonymity by the service

The anonymity of the person in the cryptocurrency is the basic rule of security. While the Anonymity of the user’s identity is protected by the system, it can be improved by the user. To improve the anonymity, many owners mix the coins during the transaction with the mixing service.

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The positive features of bitcoin

Bitcoin does not depend on inflationary processes. It cannot be printed, thereby, it is impossible to create a huge number of units from any person. The quantity is indicated at the level of the program stroke. Here are the other advantages of the system:

  • There are no intermediaries in the conduct of manipulation. Specifically, the transfer cannot be blocked by another person or organization
  • Independence. The security of electronic cash is not dependent on location. Cash can be transferred over computer networks
  • High security. Electronic cash cannot be copied and reused
  • The anonymity of the person. The Anonymity of the user’s identity is protected, communication between the user and his purchases cannot be detected. To improve the anonymity, many owners mix the coins during the transaction. To start, you can use the mixing service.

Autonomous payment and Movability in bitcoin

The autonomous payment is an important feature. When a user pays for the purchase of electronic cash, the protocol between the user and the seller is performed autonomously. Thereby, the store does not need to connect to the central computer to process the user’s payment. The cash can be transferred to other users, while the specified amount of electronic cash can be divided into parts of a smaller amount.